Natas Kaupas - Neon Classic Deck

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Natas Kaupas - Neon Classic Deck

Natas got together with uber designer Alex Aranovich and came up with this INSANE graphic. Look at it, it's incredible. That's an eight color silkscreen on the bottom!

Every deck is pressed, shaped and screened by Watson in California.

Bottom - 8 color silkscreen
Top - 1 color silkscreen over assorted stains

Length - 31"
Width - 9.5"
WB - 14.5"
Tail - 6.25"
Nose - 6.5"

These decks are made by people and can be messy. Sometimes the ink is here and there. Sometimes the screening is off. Sometimes shit goes wrong. If you can't handle that, don't buy one.

Made for skating.

International shipping is expensive, it's life.